Our new W.I.S.E. Certification Program is designed to help home sellers have the best sale possible.

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Here at Front Door Realty, we’ve created an amazing product for sellers. It’s called our W.I.S.E. Certification Program, and it enables you to pre-examine your home from a buyer’s point of view prior to even listing it.

Buyers undergo inspections and appraisals, and if you’ve taken the precautions to do this ahead of time, you can save yourself all kinds of headaches later on in the transaction.

The “W’ stands for warranty. We’ll provide a one-year warranty on your home, which protects you a year after closing and gives you the peace of mind to know that even after you walk away from the transaction, everything will be handled.

The “I” stands for inspection. We’ll make sure the home is inspected and double-check what an inspector may find so you can fix those issues prior to selling, allowing you to avoid any unnecessary costs.

It’s important to us to make sure that each part of your transaction is successful from beginning to end.

The “S” stands for stager. We will provide a professional stager to make sure your home is in perfect condition and looking its best for all those buyers who will be coming through it.

The “E” stands for evaluation. We want to provide the best evaluation possible. It’s so important to price your home right. The market is great, but you can overprice or underprice your home, causing yourself a lot of worry and hassle. It doesn’t have to take long to sell your home when it’s priced well and it’s ready to market, and you can be assured that we’ll do all of those things for you.

It’s important to us to make sure that each part of your transaction is successful from beginning to end. Starting here and taking a few precautions in the beginning can make all the difference in creating a successful, simple, and seamless transaction.

If you have any more questions about this program or you’re interested in trying it out, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to speak with you.