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The following are 3 tips that we would like to highlight from’s article: 5 Habits to Start now if you Hope to buy a Home in 2017:

Make Saving Automatic - Saving for a down payment is the first, and hardest, step to getting into your dream home. Make this simpler by setting your bank account to automatically start saving a chunk of money from each paycheck into a separate ‘house fund’ account. “If you never see the cash, you won’t spend it.”

Build Credit and Keep it Clean - If you use no more than 30% of the credit available to you, this will beef up your credit score. When you apply for a mortgage, lenders love to see that you can pay off your debts.

Practice Budgeting - Buying something expensive is all about sacrifice in other areas of your life. Sacrifice money for clothes, cars, and traveling to ensure that you will have a better spending habit for your future home buying!

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