There are three things home buyers in our market look for in their new home.

The first is curb appeal. Make sure they get a very good first impression of your home. You can start by sweeping the walkway and the driveway and making sure it's clean of all debris. Don't forget to trim any shrubs or trees and make sure that any wilted flowers are cleaned up. It's also a good idea to plant some nice, fresh flowers in the entryway.

"Make sure buyers get a good first impression of your home."

The second thing is more space. Whether they're upgrading from an apartment or a smaller home, buyers generally want more space to do the things they love. It's a good idea to rent a storage unit and clean your house of all clutter and make it as livable as possible so buyers can picture themselves inside the home. The small fee you'll pay for the storage unit will definitely return in the buyer's offer.

The third thing buyers are looking for is updates. You might not want to replace your entire kitchen, but think about things that are simple to replace like cabinet pulls, appliances, or new countertops. For a fresh look, you can also repaint your house. Remember to pick a nice neutral color that matches the floors and architecture.

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