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We highly recommend her to anyone seeking a top tier buyer's agent

Tracy is a true professional in every sense of the word.  She is:  

1. Knowledgeable: She knew the market and gave us great advice on areas that would meet our needs as well as current pricing and pricing trends.  She used her knowledge alongside her negotiating skills to land us a great deal on  our new home. 

2.  Responsive:  Tracy was always quick to reply to our communications.  Even when she wasn’t immediately available she would let us know when she expected to be able to get back to us.  In many instances she reached out to us to discuss the current status, what had to be done, and sometimes just to check-in with us. 

3.  Personable:  We really enjoyed our meetings, correspondence and discussions with Tracy.  She is super easy-going, expresses herself clearly and concisely, and we got along great with her.  We always felt like she was representing our best interests throughout our home buying journey. 

4.  Persistent:  We were buying a home out-of-State and had very limited time to be in the local area where we were trying to purchase a home.  The few times we could come to town, Tracy always made sure to be available to us.  When we were remote, Tracy always took the initiative to go look at the homes we thought might be right for us and then tell us her honest assessment.  We looked at dozens of homes in person with Tracy and she looked at many other homes on our behalf when we couldn’t be there.  She even did the walk-thru inspection for us at the end. 

5.  Connected:  Tracy knows and refers other professionals to make sure the deal gets done right and on time.  She referred us to a wonderful senior mortgage banker for our loan needs.  Tracy and the mortgage banker worked closely together throughout the home loan and home buying process, keeping us informed of progress and needs every step of the way.  Tracy also referred us to other astute professionals for our specific needs including a home inspector, sewer inspector and contractor. In summary, Tracy did a tremendous job for us.  We were very pleased with her services, guidance and professionalism.  We highly recommend her to anyone seeking a top tier buyer's agent.

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